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An account of the strange passion of Frederick Sander adapted by ARTHUR SWINSON from his own book

' In the hills near Nirgua there must be some good things - Masdevallias and Odontoglossums I think. And then, just beyond Trujillo where the mountains were not explored by Warscewiecz on his journey 30 years ago. you must find some good things. It is not impossible that by coming down to the Bay of Maracaibo you could find some good Odontoglossums... If a specimen has strong, thick - textured flowers then it is good and I want it but, for heaven's sake, no Catasetums." Cast:



Unknown: Frederick Sander

Adapted By: Arthur Swinson

Produced By: Stanley Williamson

Narrator: David Mahlowe

Frederick Sander: Geoffrey Banks

Fearnley Sander: Ronald Harvi

Fred Sander: Antony Boden

Frederick Boyle: Paul Webster

William Micholitz: Alan Moore