Out Of Court

Janet Cohen presents three programmes about children caught up in the law.

For the repeat the programmes are brought up to date since the first transmission.


01Clearing The Streets1998032019980810

The Government has promised the biggest shake-up in youth justice for fifty years. Will the measures it promises keep boys like 13-year-old Andrew off the streets?

02A Public Childhood1998032719980817

The Children Act protects children in local authority care.

But what rights do they have when things go wrong? Sarah would like to take her local authority to court for the effect her care had on her.

What chance has she got?

03Family On Trial1998040319980824

Richard and Rachael would never have been involved with the law if their parents had not divorced.

As it happened, lawyers dominated their childhood.

When a family splits and the courts intervene, who decides which side of the family is more important to the children? Children whose future is settled through the courts grow up fast, but does the law allow them a voice?