Out Of The Mould

Series of drama-documentaries about famous sculptures.


01 OF 3Laocoon20050314Series of drama-documentaries about famous sculptures.

By David Calcutt.

Bandinelli's sculpture depicting the death of the priest who foretold the dangers of the Trojan Horse was commissioned by the Vatican in the 1520s.

Set on his dying day, the drama depicts a sculptor haunted by the myth, the work and his fierce rivalry with Michelangelo.

Bandinelli....John Rowe

Vasari....Simon Chandler

Giulio/Typhon....Timothy Watson.

02Danaide20050315By Tim Jackson

Rodin's superb marble depicts the myth of the daughter of Danaus, condemned to live in Hades perpetually filling with water a vessel full of holes as a punishment for the murder of her husband.

Highly controversial, the sculpture was hidden from public view for five years after its creation.

Rodin....Keith Drinkel

Young Jessie....Jasmine Hyde

Older Jessie....Janet Dale

Camille....Alex Tregear

William....Robert Lister.

03 LASTJacob And The Angel20050316Written by Nicholas McInerny.

Commentary by Antony Gormley and Richard Cork.

As the clouds of war gathered over LONDON, Jacob Epstein was working on a dramatic depiction of the Old Testament story of Jacob wrestling with God.

The play imagines a meeting between Epstein's wife, his lover and himself, during which emotions run high and the artist reveals his motives behind the creation of the sculpture.

Contemporary sculptor Antony Gormley contributes to the commentary.

Epstein....Nicholas Le Prevost

Margaret....Janet Maw

Kathleen....Helen Longworth