20140915Comedy pilot for BBC Radio Comedy written by Simon Carlyle (Two Doors Down).

Royal St Angus is one of the oldest and finest golf clubs in Scotland. Well, it's old anyway. The club needs a fresh start and Peter and Maggie Hughes have been hired as the ones to provide it. Peter's a proper old school businessman who started out running the family fruit and veg business and ended up bankrupt. He's over the moon about the chance of a fresh start - if only that could be said for Maggie, his long suffering wife who has had more fresh starts than she cares to remember.

The club is ruled by the inimitable chairman, Hugh Murdoch, who sees no reason for anything to change and therefore doesn't make things easy for Peter and Maggie, particularly as he has his own reason for the club to fail.

As Maggie and her friend Gina (who has come along, apparently to help, a decision which had absolutely nothing to do with her being homeless and broke) discover that ladies aren't allowed in the bar and can only play golf for two hours a month, Peter is introduced to his staff: Callum, the chef, who's on release from the youth detention centre and proud that he can open cans with his teeth, and Fiona who runs the gift shop and whose definition of high tech is to have two boxes as a cash machine - one for the notes and one for the coins.

The club needs dragging into the 21st century and Maggie is determined that's what's going to happen, but with the chairman conspiring against them, and Peter being a useless manager, she's got a fight on her hands.

Written by Simon Carlyle

Peter - Jonathan Watson

Maggie - Sally Howitt

Hugh - David Gallacher

Gina - Daniella Nardini

Fiona - Debbie Welsh

Callum/Begsy - Paul James Corrigan

Lady Isobel - Monica Gibb

Producer - Dawn Ellis

A Tiger Aspect Production for BBC Radio Scotland.