The Outlander

Denica Fairman reads from the novel by Gil Adamson, set in Canada in 1903.


0120090525Pursued by armed men with dogs, a strange young woman tears across the moonlit wilderness.
0220090526Mary Boulton, widowed by her own hand, is on the run.

She finds refuge with Mrs Cawthra-Elliot, but for how long?

0320090527With her brothers-in-law seeking vengeance, Mary has ridden into the mountains.
0420090528Can Mary trust the man they call The Ridgerunner?
0520090529Deserted by The Ridgerunner, Mary now heads for the mining town of Frank.
0620090601Widowed by her own hand, Mary Boulton is a fugitive.

For now she has stopped running, in the care of Rev Bonnycastle.

But her brothers-in-law are still on her trail.

0720090602With horse dealers from Montana in town, Mary and McEchern hit upon a new business venture.
0820090603The landslide has left the town in ruins; who has survived and who has perished?
0920090604The railroad is up and running again after the landslide and, rifles across their backs, Mary's brothers-in-law are in town.
10 LAST20090605Pregnant, arraigned for murder and certain to hang, surely Mary is beyond help?