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Daily magazine programme.

American athlete Suzy Favor Hamilton was tipped for gold at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000, but she crashed out of her race, and normal life, in spectacular style.

Australian extreme runner Dion Leonard survived a gruelling ultra-marathon in China. But a brown-eyed mutt he met along the way presented an unexpected challenge.

Image: Dion Leonard and Gobi the dog

Kevin Adler was a businessman before he decided to help homeless people find their long-lost families in the US.

In Bhutan, single mothers often face discrimination. An unmarried woman who becomes pregnant could be cast out of her family home and not allowed to return until she's married. Outlook's Candida Beveridge went there.

Zöe Folbigg was on her morning commute into London when she fell in love with a man on her train. This led to an unlikely romance.

American Pablo Maurer is a car mechanic who has a lifelong passion for visiting and taking photos of abandoned buildings.

Image and credit: Kevin Adler

It's been two weeks since US-backed forces took full control of the Syrian city of Raqqa. It ended three years of rule by the so-called Islamic State. Raqqa now lies in ruins, but residents like Mohammad Hassan have joined together to start the restoration effort.

Lori Gertz is an author who lives in California and George Ghossn is an actor living on Long Island, New York City. For 42 years they wrote to each other without ever having met in real life. That was, until this year.

Stan Hays of Kansas City, US is a barbecue enthusiast. He takes part in competitions to see who can produce the tastiest barbecue food. This obsession has also led Stan to Operation Barbeque Relief. It's an organisation where people travel to natural disaster zones to cook food for the people affected.

Tsuneko Sasamoto is known as Japan's first female photo journalist. She began in 1940 and documented the huge changes that happened in Japan before, during and following WWII. But she is best known for photographing pioneering women.

Image: Mohammad Hassan in Raqqa
Credit: Mohammad Hassan

Ignacio Hurban was 36 years old when he made the shocking discovery that he had been at the centre of a national scandal in Argentina without knowing it. During the military dictatorship, hundreds of babies were snatched from their imprisoned mothers and given away to people who were considered more sympathetic to the regime. Ignacio found out he was one of those stolen children and that his real surname was Montoya Carlotto. He was now faced with a new family and the kind of fame that he never asked for.

Shaun Sears and Tom Otto are professional tree climbers from the United States. They live in Washington State where there are some incredibly high trees - cedars and oaks that can grow to 30 metres tall. When the brothers-in-laws discovered that cats love to climb these giant trees and often find they can't get down again, the self-confessed cat lovers decided to do something about it.

Hongxiang Huang is in a dangerous line of work, working undercover to help tackle the illegal ivory trade across the world. He often poses as a wealthy businessman wanting to buy elephant tusks and rhino horns and told Outlook's Jo Fidgen how he first got in to this kind of work.

Halloween is a busy time of year for London-based composer and sound designer Leigh Haggerwood. He's created seven albums of sound effects inspired by Halloween and all things spooky.

Image and Credit: Ignacio Montoya Carlotto

Tim Raue is one of the world's top chefs; he's cooked for prime ministers and presidents. As a child he grew up in a poor area of Berlin with his mum and often used to go hungry. He also spent a few turbulent years in southern Germany where he suffered abuse at the hands of his father. As a teenager he returned to Berlin and joined a notorious gang called 36 Boys and would have vicious street fights with other gangs in the city. Food became his salvation and, after focusing on a career in the kitchen, he rose quickly through the ranks to become a head chef by the age of 23.

Priya Adhikari is a helicopter pilot, in fact, she says she's the first woman in Nepal to captain a helicopter at high altitude. And the view she most often sees from her window is that of the Himalayas and the world's tallest mountain, Everest. Priya hadn't planned to be a pilot, she'd been studying to be a doctor when she had to give it up and return home to help with the family finances.

If you've ever been to a roller skating rink, you are most likely to have experienced pop music or disco blasting out of loud speakers while you race around the track on your little wheels. In California, there's a rink with more of an old-fashioned vibe - the music is played live by organist Dominic Cangelosi. Outlook's Regan Morris went to meet him.

Image: Chef Tim Raue outside his restaurant
Credit: Kieron Humphrey

American Matt Dyer escaped death after a polar bear woke him up and dragged him away by his head. Russian pilot Sergey Ananov was aiming to be the first person to fly around the world in a light helicopter. He was forced to land in the Arctic Ocean where he discovered that he wasn't alone. Maggie and Andy Robin decided to buy a baby grizzly bear, he was named Hercules and became a big part of their family and an international star.

Photo: Three bears
Credit: Getty Images/VisualCommunications