Packet Of Seeds [Drama On 3]


2003062220041219A journey that travels from Beckton to Bangalore, from the bottom of a dry well to the trail of a vixen, to explore the essence of creativity.

Tim Etchells, Iain Sinclair and Jocelyn Pook are just a few of the internationally known award-winning artists and writers taking part in this adventure in storytelling, each taking as their starting point a packet of seeds.

This production is a collaboration with LONDON International Festival of Theatre and includes contributions from Tim Etchells, Mercedes Kemp, Ruth Wall, Bob Gilbert, Iain Sinclair, C F John, Romeo Castellucci with Societas Raffaello Sanzio, Jocelyn Pook, Wesley Enoch, Chartwell Dutiro, Sue Hill and Colin Seddon.

Man....Shaun Dooley

Boy....Alex Slater

With Anne Stephenson, Mary Pook and Doug Enoch.