A pact. Two strangers. One goal.

Maxine Peake and Tony Pitts star in a dark and disturbing drama, with narration from the musician Richard Hawley.

The internet is a vast digital landscape. It has the potential to be an enlightened space - but also one that can reach some of the darkest corners of the human psyche. It's a place to find likeminded individuals, support networks, other people with a similar outlook on life.

But what if your outlook on life, is death?

What if the first time you meet somebody you take your life together? What kind of support is that? A permanent solution to a temporary problem, a desolate dark place where all hope has disappeared.

New dramatic fiction by the team that created the multi-award-winning radio drama, On It.

Original music by Richard Hawley

Written and directed by Tony Pitts

Produced by Sally Harrison

A Woolyback Production for BBC Radio 4.