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SBH:Painters as People, No.1 - Noel Barber recalls his acquaintance with French painters in the 1940s.

PRE:In this reminiscent talk, Noel Barber recalls incidents in his acquaintance, during his stay in Paris from 1945 onwards, with: Utrillo (Gr.030) Chagall (Gr.055) Vlaminck (Gr.075 - the speaker refers to Vlaminck's dislike of Picasso) Leger (Gr.125) & Dufy (Gr.160) DTF:Script OTN:TLO 616/894

Broadcast history

01 Nov 1967 00:00-00:00 (RADIO 4)


Noel Barber (Speaker)

Notes: CAIRS 290810.

Media: LP

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