A Pale View Of Hills


01The House By The River20050815

Set in Nagasaki in 1950 and in England in 1977.

Etsuko is haunted by her daughter's suicide, and retreats into memories of a hot summer in Nagasaki, where she and her family struggled to rebuild their lives after the war.

  • directed by - Marilyn Imrie
  • dramatised by.... - - james friel

  • etsuko....noriko aida
  • jiro....dai tabuchi
  • mariko....haruka kuroda
  • mrs sheringham....noriko aida
  • mrs waters....Tina Gray
  • niki....jasmin hyde
  • niki....jasmine hyde
  • ogata....togo igawa
  • sachiko....meg kubota
  • shigeo....kenji watanabe
  • vendor....dai tabuchi
  • yazuko....toshie ogura
  • by.... - - kazuo ishiguro

  • 02The Lady By The Water20050816

    Etsuko's memories of her strange friendship with Sachiko and her daughter Mariko become disturbing, as past and present become fused.

    03The Hills Of Inasa20050817

    Etsuko goes with Sachiko and Mariko up to the hills above Nagasaki, which, until now, she has seen only as a pale view from her apartment.

    04The House In Nagakawa20050818

    Etsuko goes with her father in law to visit the town where he was a schoolteacher, and witnesses a painful confrontation between past and present Japan.

    05 LASTThe End Of Summer20050819

    Etsuko, now the widowed Mrs Sheringham, tries to talk to her English daughter Niki about her past, and put the suicide of her elder daughter into a kind of perspective, coloured by her shifting memories.