Pandemic, The Future



Written by John Dryden.

Diane Harper (Emily Beecham), a British civil servant, is sent to the Oxfordshire countryside to investigate the suicide of a government scientist.

It is five years after a devastating pandemic that has wiped out half the world's population. Diane's young daughter died during the outbreak and she can't get over it. When she discovers that the dead scientist had been briefing a journalist who has subsequently gone missing, she absconds from her job and embarks on a desperate search for the truth about the origins of the outbreak.


Diane....Emily Beecham

Mark....Keir Charles

Mary....Alison Steadman

Father John....Ian Hughes

Rebecca....Mia Jenkins

Amit....Munir Khairdin

Other parts are played by Paul Slack, Andrea Lowe and Charlie Morton

Production Team:

Casting: Marilyn Johnson

Production Manager: Sarah Tombling

Sound Recordist: Ayush Ahuja

Sound Design: Steve Bond

Music: Sacha Putnam

Executive Producer: Gordon House

Producer/Director: John Dryden

A Goldhawk Production for BBC Radio 4.

British civil servant Diane Harper is sent to investigate a government scientist's suicide