Pandemic, The Past


AD03 LAST20120328

Written by John Dryden.

At a climate change conference in Copenhagen, a group of radical eco-warriors, led by Josh (Michael Maloney), attempt to discredit a right-wing Danish scientist, by luring him into a sex scandal.

When it all goes wrong, Richard Frankel (Paul Fox), one of the conspirators, gives up 'direct action' and returns to his life in Leeds as a teacher. But when he discovers his co-conspirator and ex-girlfriend, has given birth to a child - a child he believes could be his - he goes in search of her.

It's a journey that takes him into a dangerous world of environmental espionage and a conspiracy that will have a terrible, cruel and profound impact on the world.


Richard....Paul Fox

Anna....Marene Vanholk

Josh....Michael Maloney

Tariq....Pushpinder Chani

Anna's mum....Louis Jameson

Victor....Lars Arentz-Hansen

Other parts are played by Paul Slack, Charlie Morton, Andrea Lowe, Mia Jenkins, Munir Khairdin

Production Team:

Casting: Marilyn Johnson

Production Manager: Sarah Tombling

Sound Recordist: Ayush Ahuja

Sound Design: Steve Bond

Music: Sacha Putnam

Executive Producer: Gordon House

Producer/Director: John Dryden

A Goldhawk Production for BBC Radio 4.

A former radical eco-warrior stumbles into a dangerous world of environmental espionage.