The Papers Of Aj Wentworth (ret'd)



The Papers of AJ Wentworth (Ret'd)

It's the late 50s. AJ Wentworth has just retired from a long career at Burgrove Preparatory School spent trying to knock the rudiments of trigonometry into a succession of thick-headed boys. The little village of Fenport however, proves not to be the sleepy place he took it for - the gossip, the teasing and the daily dramatic incidents that Wentworth finds himself caught in the middle of make him wonder if he wouldn't rather be back with 3A and his blackboard.

3/4. Back at Burgrove

Just as Wentworth is getting used to life in the not-so-sleepy village of Fenport, the call comes from the headmaster at Burgrove asking him to, due to the indisposition of a Mr Thompson, step into the breach and tide them over until the end of term. Wentworth's pride at having been asked back to teach 3A is soon shattered by the appearance in his class of a boy called Mason, the son of Wentworth's former nemesis.

Starring Chris Langham. With Sophie Thompson, Philip Jackson, Selina Griffiths, Giles Terera, Helen Atkinson-Wood, Andrew Westfield and Rosie Armstrong.

Adapted by Emma Kennedy from the book by HF Ellis

Directed by Elizabeth Freestone