Paradise Lodge



Leicestershire, 1977.

Craving independence, frustrated with her dysfunctional family and fed up with not being able to afford branded shampoo, 15-year-old Lizzie Vogel takes a job at Paradise Lodge, a nursing home for the elderly.

She soon learns the ways of the 'comfort round' and gets used to the scheming of her eccentric co-workers, but finds herself distracted by thoughts of 'erotic handholding' with her friend Miranda's boyfriend, Mike Yu.

When a new old people's home threatens to poach all their patients, Paradise Lodge must fight for survival. And as Lizzie gets increasingly drawn in to keeping the crumbling home afloat, her job threatens to impact her schoolwork and she must choose which path to take.

A wise, moving and funny new coming-of-age novel from Nina Stibbe, the bestselling author of 'Love, Nina'.

Read by Alice Lowe

Produced by Mair Bosworth.