By John Heilpern, read by Gareth Thomas and abridged by Robert Evans.

Biography of playwright John Osborne, who changed the face of British theatre with an ironing board.

Osborne's most famous protagonist, Jimmy Porter, first burst onto the English stage in the ground-breaking play Look Back in Anger, 50 years ago on March 8, 1956.

0120060508Osborne's childhood in Fulham, where he was weaned on reproach and failure by his neurotically clean mother Nelly Beatrice.
Producer Lu Kemp
0220060509Look Back in Anger, Osborne's most renowned play, was a mirror of his own first marriage to Pamela Lane.
Osborne replicated details of their meeting, the battle with her family (who wished to prevent their marriage) and their tempestuous short life together - with cruel precision.
Producer Lu Kemp
0320060510With the success of Look Back In Anger and his second play The Entertainer, Osborne's fortunes changed overnight, and the actor in him embraced the limelight both in London and New York in the company of Dietrich and Gielgud among others.
Producer Lu Kemp
0420060511After countless failed marriages and affairs, Osborne finally finds happiness with Helen Dawson.
But even Helen is unable to save Osborne from the terrible depression that plagued his life - a depression that deepens when his greatest friend and supporter George Devine dies.
Osborne's daughter suffers the consequences.
Producer Lu Kemp
05 LAST20060512Finally having found peace with Helen, Osborne is however bankrupt with terrible debts.
Despite that, he continues to entertain one and all on champagne - not a helpful tactic when trying to get financial help from the bank manager.
Producer Lu Kemp