Paul Hudson's Weather Show



Paul looks at how the weather affects us around the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region.

A Bumpy Ride20171009

Paul Hudson looks at how the weather affects us around Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a bumpy ride. Paul finds out that turbulence for air travellers will TRIPLE in coming years. That could mean no drinks and no trips to the toilet! He speaks to a meteorologist about a scary kind of turbulence that is invisible both to pilots and radar. Would you give up meat to save the planet? Paul couldn't but talks to a farmer who advises us to cut down. Could La Nina be on the way here? Paul discusses El Nino's little sister and what she's up to - and meets his weatherwatcher of the week - Rob from Scunthorpe.

Storms Ophelia And Debbie20171023

Paul Hudson explores Storms Ophelia and Debbie.

What a windy week! BBC Look North Weatherman Paul Hudson looks back at the impact of Storm Ophelia, and compares it to Storm Debbie in 1961, which was remarkably similar! Plus the Great Sheffield Storm just six months later, in 1962. He discusses the Portuguese wildfires and meets Misters February and March, winners of a Lincolnshire photography competition, judged by Paul himself.

The Great Storm Of 198720171016

Paul Hudson remembers the Great Storm of 1987.