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Still Crazy After All These Years In a special Radio 1 series at the beginning of this year, we forecast the temporary return as a duo of Simon and Garfunkel. This week sees the simultaneous release in the us of their new solo albums and of a joint single ' My Little Town

As a prelude to the fascinating story of their musical careers, Radio 1 presents a unique preview of the solo albums one by one.

This week Paul Simon , with PHIL RAMONE , PHOEBE SNOW and BOB JAMES talk about and play Paul's tracks.

Written, presented and produced by STUART GRUNDY

Genome: [r1 Bd=19751004]

Unknown: Paul Simon

Unknown: Phil Ramone

Unknown: Bob James

Produced By: Stuart Grundy

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talks to Andy Peebles about his recent career and new album, Graceland


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Unknown: Andy Peebles