Paul Temple And Madison Mystery [Remake]

New production of an adventure by Francis Durbridge, first broadcast in 1949.


01A Penny For Your Thoughts20080516

A dead millionaire and a mysterious watch-chain send Paul and Steve in pursuit of a ruthless gang of counterfeiters.

02The Manilla20080523

Paul and Steve meet an undercover policeman in one of London's smartest night clubs.

03Eileen *20080530

Paul is making progress in the case of the counterfeit dollars, but then the killer strikes again.

04Hubert Greene Entertains20080606

Paul and Steve motor down to Leatherhead for an eventful weekend in the country.

05Steve Takes Over20080613

The investigation gathers pace with the help of a musical comedy actress.

06Just A Red Herring20080620

The hunt for the counterfeiters leads Paul to a high-speed powerboat on the Thames.

07The Four Suspects20080627

Paul begins to bait a trap for the mysterious Madison.

08 LASTIntroducing Madison20080704

Paul springs his trap, and the secret of the watch-chain is finally revealed.