The Penny Dreadfuls Present - The Curse Of The Beagle



A comedic exploration of a young Charles Darwin's adventures aboard the HMS Beagle.

In 1831 a 22 year old Charles Darwin set sail on the HMS Beagle for a 5 year voyage that he said changed the course of his life. He later published his stories of the trip but in this reimagining comedy trio The Penny Dreadfuls reveal the untold story that Darwin was to keep to himself.

Humphrey Ker...McCormick, York Minster, General Rosas, Sailor 2
David Reed...Professor Henslow, Fitzroy, Santiago and Cannibal
Thom Tuck...Charles Darwin and Cannibal Steve

With Margaret Cabourn-Smith...Basket, Old Mother Trousers, Cannibal Susan and Sailor 1

Written by David Reed with additional material by Humphrey Ker

Producer...Julia McKenzie
A BBC Studios Production.