When William Hellier dies, his wife creates an avatar of him and has it uploaded onto a cyberspace memorial site.

But is he software? Or is his soul trapped in the machine?

By Melissa Murray

Rachel - Claire Price

Barbara - Sian Thomas

Jas - Khalid Abdalla

William - Sam Dale

Castleford - Adeel Akhtar

Leader - Sean Baker

George - Tony Bell

Counter/Sat Nav - Claire Harry

Fee - Leah Brotherhead

Maken 1 - Iain Batchelor

Maken 2 - Henry Devas

Directed by Marc Beeby

It is the very near future.

A new way to remember the dead has been developed.

The Maken Corporation can construct an interactive avatar - a perfectly realistic representation of the deceased - in cyberspace, using all the data available on an individual.

At first, this appears to be a huge comfort for the bereaved.

They can see and speak to their dead.

The pain of mourning is eased.

But it's a controversial issue.

One that divides society and divides families.

When William Hellier dies suddenly his wife Barbara and daughter Rachel, not for the first time in their lives, come into conflict.

Barbara goes to Maken and has an avatar of her dead husband created.

But as she begins to spend more time with William - and more money at Maken - Rachel begins to believe that the corporation is preying on the grief of the vulnerable.

Her cousin Jas, also has reasons to distrust Maken.

He believes they have imprisoned William Hellier's soul.

Can Jas persuade Rachel to destroy her father's avatar? And if he can, will Rachel go through with it once she comes face to face with the man she loved?

A corporation finds a way of making interactive avatars of the dead.