A Perpetual Love Affair


01Byron In Venice20100505

Henry James described his relationship with Venice as a perpetual love affair," and in Bryon's case this is very apt.

Byron arrived in Venice in 1816, following great scandal in England.

He had not meant to stay long but soon fell in love - notably with the wife of his landlord - and his letters chronicle the development both of this affair and of his eccentric decision to learn Armenian.

This selection of Byron's letters is read by Mark Meadows.

Abridged and produced in Bristol by Christine Hall.

Mark Meadows reads from a selection of Byron's letters from Venice.".

02Henry James' Venice20100507

Henry James considered his relationship with Venice a perpetual love affair."

Selina Cadell reads a selection of James's writing about the city he loved.

Abridged and produced by Christine Hall.

Selina Cadell reads from a selection of Henry James' writing about Venice.".

03Jan Morris's Venice20100514

03 LASTJan Morris's Venice20100516

Henry James felt that the inevitable relationship with Venice was a perpetual love affair", and certainly many writers have found that to be true.

In today's piece about the city, travel writer Jan Morris notes particularly the children of Venice - and the cats.

The reader is Selina Cadell, and the programme is abridged and produced by Christine Hall.

Selina Cadell reads extracts from Jan Morris' 1960 collection Venice.".