The F Word ... (fat!)20171030

Are we too obsessed with weight? Should we focus more on fitness, health and happiness?

What is it with our obsession with weight? Gillian Russell asks if we'd be better focusing on our fitness and our happiness... or does the fact that two thirds of adults are overweight mean we're right to keep the conversation going?

Steve Miller, Director of FATnosis and Presenter of Fat Families, talks about his own experiences of being overweight... and says it's time to get more honest about fat and take responsibility for our own bodies.

Prof Sadaf Farooqi, Professor of Metabolism at the University of Cambridge, explains how much of a part genes play in our weight and how genetic variations can be a positive way of recognising why we're different, not an excuse to do what we like.

Dr Niall Elliott from Sport Scotland Institute Of Sport and also a Sports and Exercise Medicine physician describes the link between obesity and various medical conditions, the benefits fitness can have on our health and how the risk of premature death is almost double if you are unfit compared with being overweight or obese.

Julie Creffield, founder of the Fat Girls' Guide To Running, shares her story of being overweight and getting fit. She says there are too many judgements based on size and how someone looks and believes being healthy, fit and happy is more important.