Peter Snow Returns To The Future

To mark the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future in 2015, Radio 4 commissioned a special ten part series of programmes with Peter Snow and some of our most interesting thinkers and journalists.

The question: if you could go anywhere in history, either backwards or forwards in time, where would you travel to and why?


01Alan Johnson Mp20151012

Peter Snow takes Alan Johnson MP on a journey in his time travelling DeLorean to the dark days of the Victorian Mill, and forwards to the end of work as we know it.

02Maggie Aderin-pocock20151013

Space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock boards Peter Snow's time travelling DeLorean for an alien encounter which will span the past and the present.

03Simon Calder20151014

Travel writer Simon Calder spends his life crossing borders. Today he accompanies Peter Snow on a journey to 1961 to witness the building of the Berlin Wall, and forward to a world in which the last border of all is about to come down...

04Steve Jones20151015

Geneticist Professor Steve Jones boards Peter Snow's time travelling DeLorean on a journey to the past and the future to explore the origins of the red head and the future of the human race.

05Kate Williams20151016

Peter Snow's guest today is the historian Kate Williams who accompanies him to the bedchamber of Queen Victoria and the home of an African billionaire.

06Chris Packham20151019

There's no more famous extinct creature than the dodo. In the latest of Peter Snow's trips to the past and the future the nature broadcaster Chris Packham goes back to witness its extinction, then travels forward to 2017 to see the luckless bird resurrected thanks to some unlicensed DNA experiments in a Beijing laboratory.

07Hermione Eyre20151020

The world of fashion takes some unusual turns, and none more extraordinary than this temporal trip to 1640 to witness the last Masque of the Court of Charles I, then forward to a 23rd century fashion show where the models are run off on a 3D printer and the whole thing ends in a riot. Peter Snow feels terribly underdressed but the writer Hermione Eyre keeps him on the straight and narrow.

08Robert Peston20151021

Could we one day all be spending the Globo, the global currency? Robert Peston joins Peter Snow's time travelling car and visits the forge of King Alyattes in 600AD to see the minting of the world's first coin, then forward to the 2060 launch of the first universal currency. But what happens in the event of Globo Grexit?

09Genevieve Bell20151022

Peter Snow's guest is the futurist Genevieve Bell who takes him on a journey to meet the monks who compiled the medieval Domesday Book in 1086 then forward to the day after tomorrow and a world shaped by Big Data. But what connects the historical database of the past with the decision shaping data of the future?

10 LASTJonathan Glancey20151023

What will remain of the greatest architecture in the world when human beings are no longer here? The architectural writer Jonathan Glancey takes Peter Snow on a tour of ancient Rome and a trip to the City of London in a far future when humankind has gone.