Phil Ochs: Still Marching



Another chance to hear Billy Bragg's profile of Phil Ochs, who was part of the 1960s folk revival and a friend and rival of Bob Dylan.

Ochs was the protest singer of his age, brimming with passion about how his country was being run. But once that rage had fizzled out, he lost his way as a songwriter, falling into a deep depression which would eventually see him take his own life.

Songs such as Love Me I'm A Liberal and I Ain't Marching Anymore remain to remind fans that he was one of the foremost political voices of his age. Ochs didn't consider himself a protest singer but a topical singer but he was considered such a political threat that the FBI had a file on him.

Contributors include Ochs' siblings Michael and Sonny; folk legend Tom Paxton; and Billy travels back to Greenwich Village to hear about the fizzing political scene, which produced some of the great songwriters of the age. The documentary first broadcast in March 2009.

Billy Bragg looks at the life of 1960s protest singer Phil Ochs.