Philip Pullman - His Dark Materials


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Philip Pullman's epic worlds trilogy begins with Lyra delving into the mystery of 'Dust'.

11-year-old Lyra Belaqua lives in an Oxford college in a world parallel to ours, a place where souls exist externally in the form of an animal, a daemon. Lyra discovers that there are dark forces at work involving the kidnapping of children and a curious substance called "Dust".

She's catapulted into a life-and-death struggle to save not only herself but the future of all worlds - a struggle that will take her beyond The Northern Lights...

Philip Pullman's award-winning trilogy is a breathtaking epic adventure spanning a multitude of worlds.

Stars Lulu Popplewell as Lyra, Ray Fearon as Balthamos, Terence Stamp as Lord Asriel, Emma Fielding as Mrs Coulter, Kenneth Cranham as Farder Coram, Bill Paterson as The Master, Peter Marinker as Lee Scorseby, Carla Simpson as Hester and Tracy-Ann Oberman as Serafina Pekkala.

Steve Hodson as Iorek Byrnison, Gerard McDermott as Iofur Raknison, Richard Firth as Pantalaimon, David Holt as Ozymandias, Shaun Dooley as Lord Faa, Ann Beach as Ma Costa, Ben Crowe as Joey Costa, Joanna Monro as The Housekeeper, Martin Hyder as Dr Cooper and Ioan Meredith as Santelia.

Simon Donaldson as Kaisa, Leagh Conwell as Roger, Soumaya Keynes as Annie, Amy Dunn as Bella, Laura Doddington as Stelmaria, Emma Woolliams as Salcilia, Gregg Prentice as Billy and Oliver Cookson as Tony.

Dramatised by Lavinia Murray.

Music composed and realised by Billy Cowie.

Director: David Hunter

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2003.

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