Pitmen Painters, The [Drama On 3]

By Lee Hall.

Inspired by the book by William Feaver, Billy Elliott writer Lee Hall questions why the arts seem to belong to the privileged few.

Seventy years ago, in an old army hut in Ashington, Northumberland, a group of miners met to talk about art.

They wanted their visiting lecturer to explain the secret of a remote world, but he did better than that, he got them painting and put that world in their hands.

George Brown....Deka Walmsley

Oliver Kilbourn....Christopher Connel

Jimmy Floyd....David Whitaker

Young lad, Ben Nicholson....Brian Lonsdale

Harry Wilson....Michael Hodgson

Robert Lyon....Ian Kelly

Susan Parks....Lisa McGrillis

Helen Sutherland, Vera Brown....Phillippa Wilson

Directed for radio by Kate Rowland.