Welcome citizens, to Planet Mearns. This diverse, fast paced and ever changing world is a constant source of wonder and fascination for comedian Raymond Mearns. He finds himself, at times, mystified by the words and actions of his fellow human beings - or "bams" as he likes to call them.

Personal and professional relationships, dealing with authority, or simply fitting in when you're one of life's rockets provides a rich seam of material for one of Scotland's top stand up comedians.

In this highly personal radio project Raymond explores the modern day relationship where the listeners of Radio Scotland will doubtless identify with the conflicted emotions of everyday modern living as experienced by Raymond.

Star of stage, screen, and cheese string adverts Raymond's life is a riddle wrapped up in a mystery inside an enigma, but we'll get to the health stuff if we get a series!

Overflow and notes:

Written & presented by Raymond Mearns

Support actress: Debbie Welsh

Pianist. Allen Chalmers.

Additional material: Bryan McManus, Steven Dick.

Producer: Gus Beattie

Planet Mearns is a Comedy Unit production for BBC Radio Scotland.