[R4 BD=19941112]

Merlin and Arthur on the Way to

Glastonbury from Deptford High

Street (Not Forgetting Whatserface) Another chance to hear

Nigel Baldwin 's comic reworking of the famous legend. Merlin's magic has been a little less efficacious than he would have liked. As far as he can tell, Arthur is stuck in Deptford in the 20th century and Merlin needs him back in the Dark Ages to save the world.

Director Richard Wortley Rpt

[R4 BD=19941112]

Unknown: Nigel Baldwin

Director: Richard Wortley Rpt

Merlin: Nicholas Le Prevost

Tony: Dexter Fletcher

FayniZ: Lesley Sharpe

Geoff: Christopher Godwin

Arthur: Neville Jason

Ragnel: Tina Gray

Mick: Paul Panting

Evelyn: Vivienne Rochester

Irish: Frances Jeater