Playhouse: All The Way To The Empire Room


[R4 BD=19940205]

Another chance to hear Tom Paulin 's play about the Anglo-Irish Conference of 1921. It was meant to solve the Irish problem once and for all, but the outcome was the partition of Ireland ...

Music composed and played by Neil Martin Director Pam Brighton

[R4 BD=19940205]

Unknown: Tom Paulin

Played By: Neil Martin

Director: Pam Brighton

David Lloyd George: Karl Johnson

Michael Collins: Sean McGinley

Winston Churchill: Stanley Townsend

Arthur Griffith: Owen Roe

Erskine ChiMers: Robert Omahoney

Frances Stevenson: Eileen Pollock

Lady Hazel Lavery: Susan Slot

Sir James Craig: Ian McElhinney

Sir John Lavery: Dan Gorden

Announcer: Paula McFetridge