Playhouse: Anacaona


[R4 BD=19931023]

by Michele Celeste.

Anacaona is Queen of the peace-loving Tainos on the island of Haiti in 1503. She has never known the curse of hatred, until the Spanish Army comes looking for gold.

Music Mia Soteriou. Director Michael Fox

[R4 BD=19931023]

Unknown: Michele Celeste.

Music: Mia Soteriou.

Director: Michael Fox

Anacaona: Mia Soteriou

Hugeymota: Naomi Wirthner

Guaora: Dhobi Oparei

Old Maid: Isabelle Lucas

Maid: Kay Purcell

Owndo: Wyllie Longmore

Rodrigo: James McMartin

Diego: Malcolm Raeburn

Tona: Joe Speare