Playhouse: Angel Face


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Bruce Stewart 's play is a contemporary interpretation of the world's greatest love story. In the 13th century, love tended to happen at an early age. The poet Dante was only 9 when he fell in love with Beatrice. With Jonathan Adams , Anna Semple and Lawrie Drew Music by Peter Howell. Director Shaun MacLoughlin

[R4 BD=19940604]

Unknown: Bruce Stewart

Unknown: Jonathan Adams

Unknown: Anna Semple

Music By: Peter Howell.

Director: Shaun MacLoughlin

Dante: Davld Bannerman

Beatrice: Jenny Funnell

Love: Bill Wallis

Portinari: Christian Rodska

Porroviso: Matthew Morgan

Ossacapo: Ian Sanders

Gemma: Geraldine Fitzgerald

Cacalcanti: Steve Hodson

Simone: John Telfer