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A play by Mike Dorrell. set in 1850 and based on true stories of Welsh migrants to the New World. Catherine rejects marriage in favour of religion. But when a Mormon preacher comes to her village, she is powerfully attracted to the message and the man.

Violinist lolo Jones. Director Jane Dauncey Rpt

[R4 BD=19940910]

Play By: Mike Dorrell.

Director: Jane Dauncey Rpt

Maplin: Brian Hibbard

Catherine: Helen Griffin

Ruth: Menna Trussler

Ifan: Huw Ceredig

Peg: Julia Dearden

Pritchard: Mike Povey

Palmyra: Valerie Colgan

William: William Roberts

David: Gary Llewellyn

Huw: Winston Evans

laon: Stephen Attwell