Playhouse: Daughters Of Venice


[R4 BD=19941119]

Another chance to hear Don Taylor 's romantic comedy about the delights of 18th-century Venetian carnival, the comedy and the passion concealed behind the masks - to the accompaniment of Vivaldi's music.

With Timothy Watson , Chris Emmett. Bill Wallis and Gordon Gostelow. Violinist Jean Bourgeois

Adapted and directed by Don Taylor Rpt

[R4 BD=19941119]

Unknown: Don Taylor

Unknown: Timothy Watson

Unknown: Chris Emmett.

Unknown: Bill Wallis

Violinist: Gordon Gostelow.

Violinist: Jean Bourgeois

Directed By: Don Taylor

Vivaldi: Norman Rodway

Madre: Susan Fleetwood

Contessa: Frances Barber

Maestra Luciana: Caroline John

Perduta: Daisy Guard

Prudenza: Lucy Taylor

Lucietta: Lucy Taylor

Pellegnna: Erica Rossi

Paulina: Juliet Ames-Lewis

Anna-Maria: Eve Hopkins

Silvia: Amanda Root

Governor: James Taylor

Candida: Rachel Atkins

Vandini: Philip Anthony

Sister Teresa: Kristin Milward