Playhouse: Deborah's Daughter


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In Pam Gems ' play, a romance is played out on the battlefield of third world politics and first world interests. Deborah Pedersen , a rich oil widow, visits a north African state to make a donation for development. Colonel Hassan is about to initiate a coup. In the ensuing chaos, Deborah finds it hard to know if she is an honoured guest or a hostage.

Director Sue Dunderdale

[R4 BD=19930619]

Unknown: Pam Gems

Unknown: Deborah Pedersen

Director: Sue Dunderdale

Deborah Pedersen: Prunella Scales

Stephanie Pedersen: Federay Holmes

Rhoda Wiggins: Elizabeth Spriggs

Eric Bellairs: Keith Drinkel

David Delavigne: Julian Rhind Tutt

Hassan Sa'id: Raad Rawi

Ali Madur/Arabik Advisor: Adam Hussein