Playhouse: For King And Country


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Another chance to hear one of the most moving and disturbing stories of the First World War in this play by John Wilson.

Passchendaele,.1917: Private Hamp, accused of desertion in the face of the enemy, is to appear before a court-martial. If found guilty he will be sentenced to death.

Director Martin Jenkins

[R4 BD=19931113]

Play By: John Wilson.

Director: Martin Jenkins

Private Arthur Hamp: Peter Gunn

2nd Lieutenant Hargreaves: Kim Wall

Lieutenant Tom Webb: Crawford Logan

Corporal: Ken Cumberudge

Guard: Ian Michie

President of the Court-Martial: John Samson

Captain Prescott: Geoffrey Whitehead

Lt at the Court-Martial: Dominic Rickhards

Padre: David Timson

Lieutenant Midgley: Phillp Sully

Captain Fraser: Michael Graham Cox