Playhouse: Holy Fool


[R4 BD=19941001]

by Peter Roberts. Living a glorious chivalrous dream, a knight errant sails through adventures involving the greatest figures in the medieval world. Michael Williams and William Chubb star as a real-life Don Quixote and Sancho Panza , in the extraordinary true story of William Marshal.

With Francis Thomson , Susan Jeffrey , Tom Roberts , Simon Carter , Graham Padden and Neal Foster. Director Nigel Bryant Rpt

[R4 BD=19941001]

Unknown: Peter Roberts.

Unknown: Michael Williams

Unknown: William Chubb

Unknown: Don Quixote

Unknown: Sancho Panza

Unknown: William Marshal.

Unknown: Francis Thomson

Unknown: Susan Jeffrey

Unknown: Tom Roberts

Unknown: Simon Carter

Unknown: Graham Padden

Unknown: Neal Foster.

Director: Nigel Bryant Rpt

John d'Erlee: Michael Williams

William Marshal: William Chubb

Henry II: Garard Green

Henry FitzHenry: Christopher Scott

Richard Lionheart: Martin Head