Playhouse: Invitation Tothe Waltz


[R4 BD=19930731]

By Rosamond Lehmann.

During a period of insanity, Olivia has accepted, with alacrity, an invitation to her first dance. But now she realises what she has let herself in for.... With Angela Pleasence as Olivia.

Music: Mike Steer

Dramatised by Michael Voysey

Director Jane Morgan (First broadcast in 1978)

[R4 BD=19930731]

Unknown: Rosamond Lehmann.

Unknown: Angela Pleasence

Music: Mike Steer

Dramatised By: Michael Voysey

Director: Jane Morgan

Kate: Marian Diamond

James: Rusty Livingstone

Mrs Curtis: Monica Grey

Mr Curtis: Robert Trotter

Uncle Oswald: Patrick Troughton

laceGirl: Karen Archer

Reginald: David Timson

Marigold -: Valerie Sarruf

Lady Spencer: Maxine Audley

Rolo: Simon Cadell

Archie: Michael Cochrane

Etty: Joanna Dunham

Tony Herriot: Martin Jarvis

Dolly: Suzan Farmer

Maurice: David Ashtord

Peter Jenkin: Tom Wilkinson

George: Peter Wickham

Timothy Masters: Eric Allan

Sir John Spencer: Peter Williams