Playhouse: Knox Bay


[R4 BD=19940226]

by Elspeth Sandys.

Jenny is only 12 but that doesn't stop her thinking about sex and love, though she doesn'tyet knowthe difference. The arrival of a new teacher in Knox Bay opens her eyes, but splits the place apart.

Pianist Michael Haslam

Director Jane Morgan

[R4 BD=19940226]

Unknown: Elspeth Sandys.

Pianist: Michael Haslam

Director: Jane Morgan

Tom Matheson: Michael McGrath

Jennie Anderson: Federay Holmes

Kath Anderson: Barbara Ewing

Ron Anderson: David Brocklehurst

Colin Anderson: Scott Ransome

Mary Begg: Susannah Corbett

Digger Begg: John Turnbull

Vin Begg: Phillip Adann

Rex Ballantyne: Struan Rodger

Grace Ballantyne: Kate Binchy

Minnie Verity: Jill Graham

PatMullinS: William Brandt

Possum: Alan Rowe

Albert Kingi: Matthew Sim

Kevin Bkkerstaff: John Webb

Lily Wedderspoon: Jillie Meers

Harry Anderson: John Forgeham