Playhouse: Les Blancs


[R4 BD=19940507]

by Lorraine Hansberry.

Returning home to an Africa in the midst of anti-colonial war, Tshembe Matoseh must make a choice. The question is, can liberation ever be achieved without violent revolution?

Adapted and directed by Heather Goodman

[R4 BD=19940507]

Unknown: Lorraine Hansberry.

Unknown: Tshembe Matoseh

Directed By: Heather Goodman

Tshembe: Leo Wringer

Abioseh: Hugh Quarshie

Eric: Osei Bentil

Peter: Rudolph Walker

Charlie Morris: Stuart Milligan

Major Rice: Jack Klaff

Dr Dekoven: Lyndam Gregory

Madame Neilson: Lala Lloyd

Dr Gotteriing: Vivienne Rochester