Playhouse: The Amazing Test Match Crime


[R4 BD=19940723]

A timely repeat for Adrian Alington 's play about a dastardly plot to destroy the British by striking at the game of cricket. The late Brian Johnston takes part. With Alan Thompson , Michael Kilgarriff , Joe Dunlop , Vincent Brimble ,John Bull , David Goudge David King Dramatised by Peter Thomson. Director Jane Morgan

[R4 BD=19940723]

Unknown: Adrian Alington

Unknown: Brian Johnston

Unknown: Alan Thompson

Unknown: Michael Kilgarriff

Unknown: Joe Dunlop

Unknown: Vincent Brimble

Unknown: John Bull

Unknown: David Goudge David King

Dramatised By: Peter Thomson.

Director: Jane Morgan

Monica: Madeleine Smith

Norman Blood: Trevor Nichols

Joe Prestwick: Tom Wilkinson

Ralph the Disappointment: Nicholas Le Prevost

Professor: Bill Paterson

Sir Timothy: Garard Green

Sawn-off Carlo: Danny Schiller

Alice: Alice Arnold

Beltravers: James Faulkner

Alf Blowman: Brian Miller

Lethbridge: Peter Dahlsen

Willis: Michael Kilgarriff

Posse: Joe Dunlop