Playhouse: The Backward Son


[R4 BD=19940514]

Another chance to hear Pauline Spender's adaptation of Stephen Spender's first novel, loosely based on his childhood, with an introduction by the poet himself.

Director Richard Wortley

[R4 BD=19940514]

Unknown: Pauline Spender

Unknown: Stephen Spender

Director: Richard Wortley

Geoffrey as an adult: David Learner

Geoffrey as a child: Simon Kantor

Mr Brand: Jonathan Adams

Mrs Brand: Kate Binchy

Mr Leather: Eric Allan

Hilary: Henry Power

Christopher: Patrick Rosenfeld

Palmer: Jamie de Courcey

Hilda: Melanie Hudson

Laughton: Leo Conville

Fallow: Gary King

Mrs Leather: Ann Windsor

Miss Higgins: Mellnda Walker

Mrs Harding: Joanna Wake