Playhouse: The Battle Of San Remo


[R4 BD=19941008]

by Royce Ryton. Northern Italy, 1888: Queen Victoria's eldest child, Vicky, fights for her beloved husband's life - and the survival of Europe.

Director Enyd Williams Rpt

[R4 BD=19941008]

Director: Enyd Williams Rpt

Vicky: Anna Massey

Fritz: John Baddeley

Moretta: Oona Beeson

Bertie: John Hartley

Willy: James Telfer

Sandra: David Thorpe

Count Seckendorf: John Evitts

Countess Bruhl: Pauline Yates

Sir Morell Mackenzie: Gordon Reid

Dr Gerhardt: Peter Wickham

Dr Schmidt: Stephen Hodson

Dr Brinkman: Barry J Gordon