Playhouse: The Five Beans


[R4 BD=19940108]

A very individual history of Jack and the Beanstalk by John Peacock.

With Phillip Anthony , David Bannerman. Geraldine Fitzgerald , Jill Graham and David Thorpe Music by Stephen Warbeck Director Jane Morgan

[R4 BD=19940108]

Unknown: John Peacock.

Unknown: Phillip Anthony

Unknown: David Bannerman.

Unknown: Geraldine Fitzgerald

Unknown: Jill Graham

Unknown: David Thorpe

Music By: Stephen Warbeck

Director: Jane Morgan

Jack: Matthew Morgan

Young Jack: Henry Briant

Edmund: Terence Edmond

Meg: Pat Heywood

Aelfric: Bernard Hepton

Ragner: Ken Stott

Frigga: Rowena Cooper

Tom: Scott Ransome

Jenny: Federay Holmes

Gwen: Siriol Jenkins

Old Man: Ken Wynne

Guardian: Jillie Meers

Harp: Melanie Pappenheim