Playhouse: The Peacock's Tail


[R4 BD=19940305]

by Mark Barratt.

A doctor, a physician, a professor, a chemist, a womaniser and a wanderer - the man called Paracelsus, at the peak of his tempestuous career in Basel, 1527.

Director John Theocharis

[R4 BD=19940305]

Unknown: Mark Barratt.

Director: John Theocharis

Paracelsus: Alan Howard

Old Oporinus: Godfrey Kenton

Erasmus: Joseph O'Conor

Von Uestal: David Neal

Young Oporinus: Robert Daws

Johannes Froben: Ian Lindsay

Anna Froben: Joanna Myers

DrRubner: James Greene

Drjerriclwwer: Timothy Bateson

DrFutZ: Ronald Herdman

Mother: Danielle Allan

William: Richard Pearce