Playhouse: The Single Heart


[R4 BD=19970125]

By Storm Jameson. In this evocative love story, a ship-owner's daughter falls in love with a socialist clerk - but marriage to another looms.

Dramatised by Janys Chambers Director Nandita Ghose

[R4 BD=19970125]

Unknown: Storm Jameson.

Dramatised By: Janys Chambers

Director: Nandita Ghose

Emily: Amanda Root

Evan: Derek Walmsley

William: John Griffin

Sir John Laughton: Randel Herley

Agnes Dempsey: Deborah McAndrew

Lady Laughton: Ann Rye

Eliot Laughton: Michael Begley

Captain Smith: Russell Dixon

Diana West: Christine MacKie

Hedges: Vanessa Rosenthal

Margaret Gill: Jane Lowe