Playhouse: The Tokyo Correction


[R4 BD=19940423]

with Norman Rodway and James Grout . In Guy Meredith 's comedy thriller, artist Adam Bax returns to London after ten Years on the run in Spain. Penniless and jobless, he is taken under the wing of an old student of his. He soon finds himself tangled up in a major art deception, and then discovers that one of his collaborators has been murdered.

Director Cherry Cookson

[R4 BD=19940423]

Unknown: Norman Rodway

Unknown: James Grout

Unknown: Guy Meredith

Artist: Adam Bax

Director: Cherry Cookson

Bax: Norman Rodway

Quartermam: James Grout

Tessa: Carole Boyd

Nicholas Bonalack: David Ashton

Constantine: Neville Jason

Sergeant: John Webb

Terry Harman: Steve Hodson

Herman Dorff: Jonathan Adams

Judith: Sandra James-Young

Principal: John Baddeley

Customer: Melinda Walker