Playhouse: The Wind In The Willows


[R4 BD=19940827]

by Kenneth Grahame. An adaptationof Alan Bennett 's acclaimed Royal National Theatre dramatisation, with the original music and songs by Jeremy Sams. With James Taylor , Geoffrey Matthews , David Sinclair , Elizabeth Mansfield. Tina Gray , Simon Treves , Jeffrey Holland. Maria Charles , Danny Schiller , David Holt and Belinda Baldwin. Producer David Blount SEE THIS WEEK page 14

[R4 BD=19940827]

Unknown: Kenneth Grahame.

Unknown: Alan Bennett

Songs By: Jeremy Sams.

Unknown: James Taylor

Unknown: Geoffrey Matthews

Unknown: David Sinclair

Unknown: Elizabeth Mansfield.

Unknown: Tina Gray

Unknown: Simon Treves

Unknown: Jeffrey Holland.

Unknown: Maria Charles

Unknown: Danny Schiller

Unknown: David Holt

Unknown: Belinda Baldwin.

Producer: David Blount

Narrator: Alan Bennett

Mole: Adrian Scarborough

Rat: Richard Briers

Toad: Nickolas Grace

Badger ,: Derek Waring

Albert: Terence Rigby

Otter: John Hartley

Chief Weaset: David March

Weasel Norman: Stephen Tompkinson

Rupert: Graham Seed

Monica: Alison Dowling

Magistrate: Leslie Phillips