Playing Dead [Drama]


DRAMA2018030220200324 (R4)Written by Vivienne Harvey

When her father's remains are found in a mass grave in Iraq, Mancunian Roza Riley returns to the war torn country she fled as a child. The only survivor of her family who were killed in the Anfal genocide of Kurdish people, she is determined to give her beloved father the burial he deserves. Her journey unearths the secrets of her past and ends with a miraculous discovery.

Roza....Nadia Emam
Liam....William Ash
Ari....Murat Erkek
Mama/Bayan/Nareen....Shaniaz Hama Ali
Rojan/Car Hire Worker/Guard....Shervin Alenabi
Guard/Papa/Shad....Aso Sherabayani
Jenny....Susan Twist

Cultural consultant....Namak Khoshnaw

Directed by Nadia Molinari.

A woman confronts childhood trauma on a journey through Iraq. Written by Vivienne Harvey.

Drama from BBC Radio 4