Plays For Today: An Intimate Tragedy


[R4 BD=19950601]

by Jasmin Dizdar and Hilary Dunn. A personal look at the continuing tragedy in Bosnia.

Two brothers, Dino and Enes, struggle to survive in London, while in the war zone, the future for their parents is increasingly uncertain.

Director Jocelyn Boxall

[R4 BD=19950601]

Unknown: Jasmin Dizdar

Unknown: Hilary Dunn.

Director: Jocelyn Boxall

Enes: Jozef Houben

Lucy: Lucy Jenkins

Dino: Dominic Letts

Stevka: Etela Pardo

Hanka: Pauline Letts

Safet: David Collings

Julian: Brian Hickey

Momo and Budo: Michael Tudor Barnes

Mirko: Ivan Marevich

Tale: Boris Boskovic

Lawyer: Deirdre Edwards

Alma: Brana Bajic

Zeina: Becky Hindley