Programme Catalogue - Details: 26 April 199019900426Producer: P. PLOWRIGHT


An anthology of poetry selected by Paul CHAND, and read by Peter HOWELL, Alice ARNOLD and Michael KILGARRIFF. Produced by Piers PLOWRIGHT.

POEMS: An Exiled Byzantine Nobleman Who Composes Verses, by C.P. CAVAFY; The Sirens, by Lawrence DURRELL; Exile In Athens, by Lawrence DURRELL; To The Founder Of The Palace Of Bakhchisarai, by Alexander PUSHKIN; Connon On Exile, by Lawrence DURRELL; In Sparta, by C.P. CAVAFY; The Anecdotes 'In Cairo', by Lawrence DURRELL; Walcourt, by Paul VERLAINE; For The Shores Of Your Distant Home, by Alexander PUSHKIN; Return, by Robert GRAVES

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Broadcast history

26 Apr 1990 21:50-22:05 (RADIO 3)


Paul Chand (adap)

Penny Gore (ann)

Robert Graves (Author)

Alexander Pushkin (Author)

Lawrence Durrell (Author)

C Cavafy (Author)

Paul Verlaine (Author)

Piers Plowright (Producer)

Alice Arnold (rdr)

Peter Howell (rdr)

Michael Kilgarriff (rdr)

Recorded on 1989-06-13.

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